Research and innovation

Precision Nutrition

Raw material digestion databases to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement

Focusion on the feed additives field, Valor never stops the pace of independent innovation,and has actively promoted the cooperation of industry and institute for more than 25 years.As a result ,we have forged strong capabilities of technology integration,sustainable technology R&D ,and independent innovation.

Gut Health

Total intestine health secured by supplementing small intestine dominant bacteria and large intestine dominant bacteria

The animal’s gut is a complex microbiological ecosystem playing key roles in shaping the host metabolism and maintaining the host health.It has been well understood that intestinal microflora is involved in nutrients metabolisms.

Promote grouth

Scientifically designed combined use of feed flavor and sweeteners

Growth performance is closely related to the economic benefits of animal farming.Nowadays ,we face great challenges with the dramatically increasing price of feedstuffs and the banning of AGP in the feed.The resulting cost pressure forces us to find more efficient solutions for the reasonable use of feed formulations to maximize value.Valor could provide systematic solutions.designed according to the analysis of feed formulation,animal species,traits of growth and development,and research on animal’s physiological regulation.

Strong Team

The group has a number of well-known scientific research and technical experts in the industry as consultants, and has a number of doctors and masters, and strong technical force. The group integrates scientific research and development, production and operation, technical services, domestic and international trade, and strives to create a domestic leading and international first-class feed flavors and sweeteners enterprise.

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