Molasses animal pig feed flavoring VL-105

Molasses pig feed flavoring

based on a specific manufacturing process of Spray Granulation.
The process enables all the separate active ingredients within a formulation to be combined together in micro-sized particles in which the proportions are constant and equal from one particle to another.


Molasses animal feed flavor
Molasses pig feed flavoring
Molasses pig feed flavoring


        Items                                                  CAS Number                               Percent(%)

  • Maltol                                                    118-71-8                                        0.05%
  • furanone                                              497-23-4                                       0.1%
  • Anticaking agents                                                                                      1%
  • corn starch                                                                                                88.85%
  • Water                                                                                                            10%
  • Total                                                                                                              100%

Physical aspect: Brown powder
Smell like: Molasses aroma like.
Dose: 100-500g/ton in feed
Authorized Carriers: Feed grade silicon dioxide
Packaging: Polywoven Bag of 20 Kg. containing 20 aluminum bags of 2 Kg./unit

Cardboard box of 20 Kg. containing 20 aluminum bags of 2 Kg./unit.

Shelf life: 24 months from manufacturing date.
Storage: Keep in dry, fresh and apart from light area.Seal it after usage.
OEM: Accepted
USE: cattle feed,
1. Increase or reduce the dosage with the situation of feed materials and season.
2. Double quantity when need treat or meet an emergency.


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