Grass cattle feed flavours

Grass cattle feed flavours
  • Spherical and micro sized particles,Ensure better uniformity
  • Dustless & free flowing
  • Accurate particle size,Accurate dosage and release
  • Easy to operate
  • Good and reproducible dispersion in feed


Grass cattle feed flavours
Grass cattle feed flavours
Grass cattle feed flavours
Make the feed stuff have unique marketing odor characteristics,Improve customer loyalty
Promote animal growth
natural flavors:Extracted from aromatic raw materials through physical or chemical methods
Equivalent to natural flavoring:It is synthesized from raw materials and its chemical composition is consistent with the substances in natural products.
Ensure directed feeding and animal performance (stimulate animal appetite) to achieve better economic returns
Strong smell after high temperature in production line.
It is a high-quality covering unpleasant raw materials that can cover the bad aroma caused by adding some important minerals and medicinal additives.


Items                                                                        Formula                                 Percent(%)

Ethyl vanillin                                                            C9H10O3                                       0.1%

Ethyl maltol                                                              C7H8O3                                       0.2%

Leaf alcohol                                                             C6H12O                                       0.5%

Ethyl acetoacetate                                               C6H10O3                                     1.25%

Propylene glycol                                                      C3H8O2                                      0.8%

Saccharin Sodium                                                   C7H4NO3SNa                            0.2%

Sodium sulphate                                                      Na2SO4                                     95%

Silicon dioxide                                                           SiO₂                                           5.0%

Total                                                                                                                                100%

Physical aspect: Light yellow powder
Smell like: Grass  aroma like.
Dose: 300-500g/ton in feed
Authorized Carriers: Feed grade silicon dioxide
Packaging: Polywoven Bag of 20 Kg. containing 4 aluminum bags of 2 Kg./unit

Cardboard box of 20 Kg. containing 4aluminum bags of 2Kg./unit.

Shelf life: 24 months from manufacturing date.
Storage: Keep in dry, fresh and apart from light area.Seal it after usage.
OEM: Accepted
USE:Swine feed,Ruminant feed,sheep feed,
1. Increase or reduce the dosage with the situation of feed materials and season.
2. Double quantity when need treat or meet an emergency.


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