Top feed additives manufaturer

Feed additives manufaturer: Focus on feed additives product research and development, innovation and production process improvement, to create a technology-leading innovative enterprise.

The products are suitable for Swine, Ruminant,Aquaculture,Poultry and pet.

Orange feed flavour,feed additives manufaturer
Best feed flavor for cattle feed
Good smell for cattle feed
Strong smell after high temperature
Pure smell ,cattle feed and swine feed.
Garlic Allicin oils ≥25%
Main Ingredients:Diallyl Disulfide,Diallyl trisulfide
Total Acid(Free acid +Combined acid) ≥ 50%,price is cheap
Total Acid (IN Propionic Acid) ≥60%
Propionic Acid ≥ 25%, Ammonium Propionate≥ 18%
Main ingredients is Calcium propionate
CAS :128-44-9 Molecular formula: C7H4O3NSNa
CAS:6155-57-3 Molecular formula: C7H4NNaO3S.2H2O
Sodium Saccharin content (C7H4O3NSNa) ≥30%
Sodium Saccharin content (C7H4O3NSNa) ≥90%
Ammonium format ≥ 25%,Acetic acid ≥ 5%,Lactic acid ≥10%,Citric acid ≥ 5% Propionic acid ≥ 7%,Silicon dioxide ≥ 48%
Ammonium format≥30%,Acetic acid ≥ 10%,Lactic acid ≥0.8%,Citric acid≥ 1%,Propionic acid ≥6%,Silicon dioxide ≥ 52.2%
ammonium formate ≥45%, propionic acid ≥12%
Ammonium formate≥ 24%,Formic acid;≥ 30%,Lactic acid ≥ 0.5%,Acetic acid ≥ 8.5%,Citric acid ≥ 0.5% Water ≥36.5%

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